Hello and Welcome to my new practice website.  After over 20 years of affiliation with the University of California, San Francisco, I am now establishing my own private practice in Palm Springs, California.  This website will evolve as my practice takes shape.  My intent is that everything you need to know about my professional life and my new practice will be easily available on this site. Items you can access here include:


  • My Professional Credentials
  • Office Hours, Office Location, Driving     Directions
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Health Insurance Utilization for physician and laboratory services
  • Bibliography of Articles and Papers authored by me
  • Glossary of terms relevant to my Practice
  • Contact information including how to utilize email for answers to simple health questions


   "I believe good medical care is a partnership between the medical provider (me) and the patient (you).  My role is to monitor your health, provide informed, up-to-date, state-of-the-art information and treatment alternatives to you while accepting and ensuring your autonomy.  By that I mean you are the decision maker.  I can offer recommendations but, ultimately, you must chose to accept or reject those recommendations.  However, in order to make the best recommendations to you, it's important for me to know all the facts.



   Now accepting:

    • Blue Cross
    • Blue Shield
    • Cigna
    • Kaiser
    • Medicare
    • Pacificare
    • Tricare
    • United Health



Main Telephone Number and Appointment Scheduling: (760) 327-2277


Office Address:

1751 N. Sunrise Way,

Palm Springs, CA  92262.

The office complex is attached to World Gym.  Ample free parking is available on site. 


Office Hours:

8:30AM to 5:00PM  Monday - Friday




  You should never be afraid or reluctant to discuss any issue or behavior with me.  Only by knowing all of the relevant information can I synthesize the data and make appropriate care suggestions in an open-minded, non-judgmental way.  I always tell my patients that after 20+ years of practice at a public hospital I don't shock easily.  Matter of fact, I've probably engaged in the same activities or behaviors myself.

  My intent is that this practice be highly personalized.  Only by knowing you thoroughly and taking the time during an appointment to discuss each and every issue troubling you can I provide the quality care you expect.  I don't believe in "cookie cutter" medicine.  Each individual is different with unique needs.  My plan is to practice cutting edge, information age care with the care philosophy embodied by the small Iowa farm town where I was raised.


  Please use this website to find important information or answer questions.  I look forward to meeting you."

Dr. John Stansell

1751 N. Sunrise Way,

Palm Springs, CA  92262

Appointments (760) 327-2277

Fax: (760) 325-4031

Email: drjohn@drstansell.com

Web: www.drstansell.com





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